• Production

    Akgun Silver gets the power from its production. Akgun Silver,follows all innovations of the industry and combines perfect quality with design , in its plant equipped with high technology. In the factory located in Istanbul, starting from design to finishing, all production phases are actualized in its organization under the same roof. In Thailand factory, special collections are created not only for Turkey’s domestic market but also for the international markets. Apart from own collections, Akgun Silver has the production capacity responding any kind of special production and supplies to many important brands in Europe and USA

  • Export

    Akgun Silver has had strong sales network in wholesale and retail markets, with one facility located in Istanbul , increased production capacity, and manufacture special collections daily for the last decade. Products of the highest quality are exported to three hundred customers in sixty countries in five continents… Increases the export volume with the collections that reflect newest trends of the world, especially with exports to West Europe, North America, Australia, CIS nations and Russia. Akgun Silver, we regularly participate in exhibitions in Italy, Hong Kong, Bangkok, USA, Germany, Russia and Turkey each year in order to meet the customers and present our new collections. Akgun Silver supplies the customers with high quality, reasonable prices and fast service.

  • Press

    Awards We Received

    2016 Silver Jewelry Export 2nd
    2015 Silver Jewelry Export 1st
    2014 Silver Jewelry Export 3rd
    2013 Silver Jewelry Export 3rd
    2013 Jewelry with Diamond Export 7th
    2012 Silver Jewelry Export 1st
    2011 Silver Jewelry Export 1st
    2010 ilver Jewelry Export 2nd
    2009 Silver Jewelry Export 3rd
    2007 Silver Jewelry Export 3rd
    2006 Silver Jewelry Export 3rd